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Beginner's Guide


VDex is about collecting Pokémon, first and foremost. You can travel a map where you can find and catch them. There is currently no battle system, though one is in the works.


On VDex, you travel through a text-based map. The map is a copy of the actual Pokémon games' region maps. To move around, simply click the links located below the description of the area, to the left of the screen.

On the right of the screen, you can find Pokémon, which you can catch by clicking a Poké Ball. You start the game with a few in your possession, and more can be purchased at shops found in towns and cities on the map.

Unlike in the games, if you miss the catch, you will not lose your Poké Ball. Since you can't battle wild Pokémon to weaken them, the catch percentages work a bit differently than in the games. Most common Pokémon have a 85% success ratio with a regular Poké Ball. Better balls improve your chance of success.

To find another Pokémon, you can click the PokéRadar icon just below the Poké Balls, and it'll search for another Pokémon in the map area you're in automatically. That way, you don't need to refresh the page.

Pokémon you find can also be shiny, or have a different sprite (called "retro" by the community). The different sprites are sprites from the various Pokémon games, from the new Black/White games to the old Red/Blue/Green games.

Blocked Routes

Sometimes you'll see that a few links on the map aren't available for you to click, and instead you'll find "boulders" or "small trees". Those places are places blocked in the games' maps, and you need HMs to get through them.

HMs can be purchased in the Key Items Shop, found under the "Shop" tab in the header. Some HMs require badges to unlock; to obtain badges you must register various different Pokémon in your Pokédex as "caught" (by catching them in the wild, or evolving your existing Pokémon).

In Kanto and Johto, there are routes (12, 16 and 36) blocked by Snorlax and Sudowoodo. To get past them you need key items, also purchased in the Key Items Shop, called the Poké Flute and Squirtbottle respectively. In possession of those items, you should be able to click a link which will take you to a battle with those Pokémon. Catch them, refresh the page, and the route will be clear.

Traveling Between Regions

Regardless of which region you started in, it's possible to travel to all the regions. To do so you must first navigate to a specific town depending on which region you're in (Vermilion in Kanto, Olivine in Johto, Slateport in Hoenn, Canalave in Sinnoh and Castelia in Unova), then purchase an item called "S.S. Ticket" at the Poké Mart there. With it in hand, leave the shop and the option "Ferry Service" should appear. Click it, and you can pick one of the four cities to travel to.

Some of the cities require getting through blocked areas to reach, so you may be stuck in your starting region until you can get past the blocked path.

Map Information

If you click the "view mapdex info" link at the bottom of the map, you'll be taken to a MapDex page about that area, with information like which Pokémon can be found there, which items can be found in shops, et cetera. The MapDex can also be accessed by clicking the Pokédex icon in the shortcuts below the header. It includes a search function for specific areas, Pokémon and items.

PC System

The little Nintendo DS icon in the shortcuts takes you to your PC, which offers the same functions as the games' PCs: Pokémon storage and organization, giving/taking items, and releasing unwanted Pokémon.

Keep in mind you don't get a Pokémon's Poké Ball back when you release them.

More Information

There is a detailed gameplay guide here, containing all sorts of useful information. Please refer to it if you have any questions about how the game works. Feel free to ask further questions in this forum section!

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