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Refund Policy

If you have sent us money at any point in time to help with server costs, and need your money back for any reason, please contact an administrator through the forums.

We will always refund money, provided we still have it in the site's reserves, no matter your reason for needing it back. Please keep in mind that if you forego this and choose to open a dispute with the payment processor or your credit card company instead, you will still get your refund, but you will also get your account banned in the process as per the site's rules.

Banned accounts are still entitled to refunds. If you have sent us money in the past and your account gets banned for any reason, you will be contacted about what you'd like to do with any money of yours we still have, and the option to receive refunds if you so wish.

If you still have unused DP in your account when you request a refund, your points may be removed (proportionately to the refund you receive, and provided you had received DP for the transaction in question). If you have already spent your points, you can still receive your refund, but future payments from you will not be accepted. Items/Pokémon purchased with DP will be removed from your account. Profits made from selling them to other users will also be removed from your account (or, if you have already spent that as well, items and Pokémon equivalent in value will be removed). This is in place to prevent people from sending us money just to get account perks, then requesting refunds and abusing this policy.