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Last updated September 20, 2011


A lack of awareness of these rules or a lack of intention of breaking them will not be accepted as a valid reason for doing so. Please make sure you are fully familiarized with the rules before registering.
Some of these rules may be enforced for remarks made by account holders offsite, with some restrictions (see this post).

One Account Per Person
Each user may have only one account. Accounts with identical IPs are suspicious, but allowed due to the sibling/wife/housemate/public computer factor. Still, those accounts are closely watched. If you wish to start a new account and abandon your old one for whatever reason, please contact an admin for permission through the forum PM system, or in any of the venues listed at the bottom of this page.
Punishment: All of the user's accounts are banned.

No Dummy/Mule Accounts
Accounts made for the purpose of, or inactive accounts used for the purpose of collecting money, items or Pokémon to send to other users (rather than actually play) are not allowed.
Punishment: Ban. Accounts that benefit from dummy accounts may be banned or have the money/Pokémon/items received removed.

Users Must be Over 13 Years Old
As we are at present unable to be in full compliance with the COPPA, we require that all users be 13 years of age or older. Although you will be able to register an account if you state you are younger than 13, the account will not be activated.
Punishment: Users found to have lied about their age will be banned.

Do Not Sell VDex Goods For Money
You're not allowed to trade VDex Pokémon/items/money/etc for real money or for things with a tangible value. This INCLUDES intangible items like digital artwork, sprites, fanfictions, et cetera - anything that has real world value. You can only trade VDex-related stuff for other VDex-related stuff. Special exceptions may be made in very specific cases for art/writing/et cetera for member-run quests/raffles. Run your idea by a mod first.
Punishment: Warn if the trade hasn't been completed, suspension or ban depending on the gravity of the issue if it has.

No Cheating/Bug Exploiting
Obviously. Any attempts to play the game in a way that deviates from its original purpose, be it by abusing an exploitable bug or otherwise, constitutes cheating. Let's say you found a bug that lets you always catch Pokémon without fail - abusing this bug is cheating. If you tamper with the data that's sent to the server in an attempt to catch a 'hacked' Pokémon - that is cheating.
Punishment: Instant ban.

Party Images Must Be Displayed As Is
The system is in place to help advertise the site and get you to make money while at it, not to cost us extra bandwidth and slow down the site at zero return. Don't change the party image code. Don't remove the linkback. Don't alter width and height.
Punishment: Ad rewards system PERMANENTLY disabled if anyone is found doing this. Note that if the forum you're on doesn't allow images linking to external websites, you can have the image and a plaintext link next to it. If the forum you're on doesn't allow images at all, however, just a plaintext link won't give you points, unfortunately.

No Botting
You're not allowed to use a bot made by yourself or a third-party program to do any of the work for you - this includes auto-refreshers, Greasemonkey scripts, and anything else you can think of.
Punishment: Depends on what exactly you were using bots for, but ban, generally, particularly in the case of auto-refreshers and botting to catch Pokémon.

No Scamming Other Users
Attempting to scam other players by trying to pass off as someone else, trying to pass off an ordinary Pokémon as rare, or any other kind of abuse of the trade system constitutes scamming.
Punishment: Instant ban.

No Money Scams
This refers to any attempts at scamming the site out of money, including but not limited to disputes and credit card chargebacks and trying to double dip (i.e. get refunded twice). Using stolen credit cards or other people's cards without permission also falls into this category. Payments disputed will be immediately refunded in addition to any other payments that may have come from the same account. Chargebacks will result in instant bans which cannot be appealed. If you need a refund for your payment please contact an admin before pursuing charges with your credit card company; check our refund policy.
Punishment: Instant ban.

No Killing The Server
If you load the same page/script many times in a very short span of time, you're using up a lot of bandwidth and a lot of server capacity. Don't do that!
Punishment: Ban if it's bad enough it's crashing the server; otherwise depends on why you were killing it.

No Offensive Language/Flaming
Your username, nickname, Pokémon nicknames, card message, trading messages, forum posts and any other text input may not contain any swear words, offensive/racist slurs, or anything that is intended to offend or degrade a person or group of people.
Punishment: Offensive text removed, suspension after repeat offenses.

No Mature/Triggering Content
Your username, nickname, Pokémon nicknames, card message, trading messages, forum posts and any other text input may not contain any reference to mature or triggering subjects of any sort, including but not limited to references to genitals and abuse.
Punishment: Offensive text removed, suspension after repeat offenses.

User Privacy

VDex Project will not use any of your personal information. E-mails supplied upon registration will only be used for the delivery of site/forum notifications. IP addresses will not be divulged and used strictly for the confirmation of ad point redemption and for site security purposes such as IP banning. Any additional information supplied in the forum profiles is of the responsibility of the user him/herself, and while VDex will not utilize this information, the site is not responsible for verifying its contents or ensuring that others won't collect it. Forum and user profiles are public, and it is not the site's responsibility to filter out potentially sensitive information.

Your information may be forwarded to authorities in the event that you engage in illegal activity, in the event of a medical emergency, or in the event that we receive a legally binding request from said authorities (with a subpoena, for instance). Even if the illegal activity or medical emergency takes place offsite, we may still forward your information to authorities.


Shirogane (in-game profile)
Came up with this thing, coded it, maintains it, and generally does nearly everything.
E-Mail: velthomer ((AT)) gmail [[DOT]] com
LiveJournal: angeling
Twitter: hatsuyuki

Ish (in-game profile)
Did much of the layout, trainer cards, some images, and a lot of testing.
E-Mail: withheld
LiveJournal: withheld
Twitter: withheld

Special Thanks

Fimbulvetr for the shiny Pokémon icons, alpha testing, partner/Gacha scripts and forum moderation.

VSSAKJ for alpha testing, partner scripts, and forum moderation.

Lethe for forum moderation.

adoroloble and carbons for Crystal sprites and many avatars.

icanhasdinos for help with character designs, sprites and testing.

riry for many retro sprites, and past forum moderation.

All other alpha testers (user IDs ranging from 53 to 76).

All donors, for keeping the server paid for.

All the Reversed readers for their amazing amounts of patience.